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I saw Eddie and Diamond Dave over 25 years ago, so I think I'll pass this time.


Frightening! Eddie used to be so cute - he and Valerie looked almost alike at one time.

Speaking of look-alikes, young Wolfie better join Mom at Jenny Craig before it's too late. She's lookin' fine now, but her and Eddie's boy has been pudgy for years.

Take care of his health, Mom and Dad. He's still a minor.

Burgh Baby's Mom

Could you pass me a fork? My eyes need poked out after looking at those first two pictures.


I know this is rock blasphemy, but I always preferred the Hagar-era. Might just be because I'm a child of the 80s, and so it was more formative for me. Also at least partly because I've always found Roth to be a terrifying monster...

Mrs. Subdivided

Oh for the love of God, even Keith Richards looks better than that lot.

I also agree with Culli, Wolfy should lay off the Doritos for a while.


Now we know why Valerie left Eddie.

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